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    Confidence.  Have it. Love it.

    Confidence is the purest expression of love, for oneself and others.  It reflects unbridled ambition and limitless potential, potential for who we are and everything we dream to become.  

    We are not necessarily born confident it is a series of life experiences and perceptions that create the nest egg of our self understanding.  Sometimes we feel confident in certain realms and not others for me as a teenager it was always about academics and sports, never as me for me.  Yet as life unfolds, and we becoming willing to go along with it, we unearth new talents, new confidence reserves, a new potential to love ourselves and others.  

    So what’s wrong with being confident?  Nothing in the I.AM.YOU. RETOX book.  In fact, I firmly believe in increasing your confidence, and using yoga, nourishment, mindset and music as tools to help you.  Do not worry about the over analyzed ego the ego is merely a charade to cover up for the confidence we lack.  Instead focus on what makes you feel strong on the inside, so that you can go love yourself and everyone else on the outside.  

    We all go through phases of not being confident enough, thinking we suck and that, as a result, no one loves or respects us.  We also pass through phases of overconfidence, ones that usually end in getting slapped, metaphorically of course.  If you tune in every day in some way, be it a few minutes of yoga sweat, breathing, or just letting your mind wander, you can usually go back to that root of you, as hidden as it may be, and unearth the tenacity that has made you, you for all these years.

    Like you, I am on a journey of confidence and love, love and confidence.  If you get knocked down, just remember that we all do – it is an inherent and essential step to living in all your brilliance and glory.  

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    I N T E G R I T Y.  So basic, so critical, and so often forgotten.   

    By definition, integrity means adherence to moral and ethical principles and a soundness of moral character, not to mention honesty.   But in real life terms:

    If you agree to do something, do it.  If you say yes, mean it.  If you shake on it, shake it through until the end.  If you promise something, deliver.  If you offer something, provide it.  If some one puts their trust in you, keep it.   If you accept something, foster it.   

    You can rationalize to yourself all you want the reasons for bailing on someone or something and not holding true to your word.  But every time you rationalize it to yourself, you weaken your moral and ethical character, and plant the seeds for that weakness to grow in you into the future.  You see, you may convince yourself that acting without integrity is actually better for everyone involved, you may even profess that to be the case, but in the end you are hurting yourself as much, if not more, in the long run, as well as how much you are hurting whoever or whatever was on the other side of you in the present moment.   Double down badness for dishonesty and break of ethics.


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