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    In a Career Rut?

    I get asked a lot what to do when you hate your job and want to do something else, but are not sure of what…

    I personally made a massive career transition (Wall Street trading floor to Wellness Entrepreneur…the difference in noise level alone was deafening! :) ), so clearly I believe in taking risks and following your dreams. But as LawCrossing quoted me on (and eliminated the important beef of what I have to say), I believe that you should never quit right in the moment you are just dying too. Rather, stay on your job for 3-6 months more. It may feel torturous, but it allows for three things:

    1. Steady income to cushion your move
    2. Time to thoroughly plan out next steps
    3. Structure to develop your vision

    Then, when you have an economic cushion, a step by step plan, and a clear, thought out and probably vision, make the leap.

    Changing jobs or careers is scary regardless, but I promise you it is way worse without a safety net that, believe it or not, those extra months on your current job can create.

    Lauren Imparato/#iamyou

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    Where are you climbing?

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    Where is your office? Are you happy with it?  This is ours today&hellip. 

    We can help you at I.AM.YOU. create your ideal office and ideal life &hellip That&rsquos how it all started after all&hellip Email us and we can set up a consult

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    Succeed EASILY:  Remember the word problems back when you were a kid? If train A leaves the station with 500 golf balls and train B leaves the opposite station 3 miles away with 270 tennis balls, and the volume of a tennis ball is 2.5 times the volume of a golf ball, and the trains are going 100mph, at which point will the trains cross paths?

    These word problems used to drive me nuts -not because of the math itself so much as the garbled equation in the wording. They would, quite frankly, frustrate the sht out of me. I would scribble and scribble away, crumple and toss out trees of paper, stomp frustrated through the hall, and ultimately only &lsquoget it&rsquo once my dad had come home to help and I had cleared up the whole page of messes, as well as my mind.

    I was reminiscing on this at the dentist this week as he asked me to help with his daughter&rsquos homework problems, the one above on pancakes and waffles, when I realized that has I known what I do now about yoga, my homework would have been way easier&hellip.

    In the Indian philosophy of yoga there is a core foundational triangle of life. One side of the base there is effort. On the other, awareness. When these two corner bases are activated, surrender, the pinnacle of the triangle and the purpose of yoga, is achieved. Similarly in the Tibetan philosophy of yoga there is a triangular foundation of compassion and wisdom, which take us to light.  Even in Catholicism there is one of purification and reflection, which take us to service.  In I.AM.YOU. Yoga classes to reflect this foundational philosophy via asana (the effort full poses), breath (the awareness of what is going on inside), to take us to and unite us with a higher purpose- a dedication larger than us. 

    The overarching concept is the same for all - work with the two cornerstones of effort and awareness, and you will achieve with ease.  It is the potion for everything, from homework to relationships to your boss.  Give it a try.


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    Drishti, in sanskrit, is a focus or gazing point.  It stems from the with the roots drish, meaning to see, drishau, meaning the eye, and drishtah, meaning observed.   In that, drishti refers to our external gazing points, such as where I eyes physically wander in a yoga class or while in a yoga asana, but also to our internal gazing points.  This latter meaning of the word is the most challenging part of true yoga, and in that, life.

    Today, take a moment and see where your internal gaze is&hellip. Is it on your colleague who you can&rsquot stand, or on a guy that may or may not call?  Is it on a fight you had last week or on your friend who got some great news?  Or is your internal drishti stuck on the own circles and iterations of your own mind?

    If you can figure out where you are truly looking, then you can teach yourself how to see.  And when you accomplish that, you can learn how to see everything you dreamed of.  True Sight. True Focus. True Yoga. True YOU.

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