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    String Bean & Broccoli Salad - Cook fresh or frozen broccoli in a pan until tender to touch.  While cooking mix 1 tablespoon Dijon, Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar in a small bowl.  When the veggies are cooked let them cool naturally or place in fridge.  This helps maintain some crunch, but not necessary.  Mix dressing and veggies in a bowl.  Optionally add pepper or garlic.  Eat warm or cold, side or main, snack or meal and enjoy!

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    Yes, you read correctly! This I.AM.YOU. burger recipe is made to fight cancer, inflammation, autoimmune diseases and boost your alkalinity, immune function, and overall health.  And, it is de-lish!  Here&rsquos how:

    -In a Cuisinart or Blender add cooked kale, cooked broccoli (both sauteed or steamed), raw baby spinach & garlic.  Alkalinty, gluconsinolates, fiber, antioxidants, omegas, isothiocyanates, and everything else good you can imagine. Blend until tiny and slightly soft/mushy.

    -In a skillet add olive oil on medium heat.  As it warms make the burger patties with your hands.  

    -Place the burgers on the pan and let cook until crisp to taste.  In the meantime top your cancer fighting condiments: avocado, tomato, onion, lettuce.  Ie: Omegas, lycopene, sulfides, alkalinity.

    -Toast a bun or bread if you like. Here I use asiago sourdough bread from a local baker.  Latest cancer studies are showing a direct link between calcium in dairy and cancer prevention, particularly that of the breast.

    -When the patties are ready, assemble, drool, and enjoy.

    Now you can eat a burger every day and literally get healthier as you do! It could even help you lose some weight and detox easily&hellip. (hint hint) 

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    ::: Love your family. Love your god. ::: The words from my “mother in law” of 10 years just now as we found out that she beat cancer again. 2nd time despite the odds. Gotta be some truth in her pudding.

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    Sweet for the sweets?  We are all sometimes.  The thing is, sugar is not nearly as good for your body as it tastes to your palate.  Unused sugar, which we can also refer to as energy, ferments in your body.  This fermented sugar increases the body&rsquos acidity, making it ripe territory for disease, and literally feeds the growth of malicious cells related to cancer and other illnesses.

    Sugar cravings are also often the sign of something entirely other than a desire for the delectable dessert.  They more often than not result from a lack of protein, hydration, and/or sleep. 

    So next time you are going for that afternoon pick me up chocolate, candy, or double down fruit juice, stop to think.  Am I going to burn this off right away?  Do I really want it inside of me, the deep inside?  Maybe with a tall glass of room temperature water your craving will go away all together.  And if it does not, try something 100% green, or 100% lean, pure protein.  I assure you your body will thank you if not 5 minutes afterwards, then 5 days, and 5 years.


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