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    🌕YEAR 3🌕2011. NEW WEBSITE + the 1st EVER WELLNESS PHONE APP. If you can&rsquot tell, I like to think out of the box. I had had a simple slide show website my friend made for me but as it appeared I was sticking around, it was time for a new site, new photography, & an ap. The site was&hellip a drama. You can read about it in my book. The photos were done in 2 hours without photoshopping but with copious wine by Jan Cain, and the app was he first of its kind. Daily reminders for yoga, mindfulness, breath-work, food and inspiration all in the palm of your hand. It was almost structured like my book, RETOX. I was a bit ahead of my time and didn&rsquot have the money to keep it alive, or push it to the top of the App Store, but it was great. As to the site, after all the years you will read about here is the almost final version you now see. I drew it out by hand over pizza and the gents @freeassociation turned it into reality. There were a lot of swear words and potential some hating on web designers in between 😇but it got done. And in that process I learned I like the concept of web environmental Econ system designs but the nitty gritty is not, and will never be, my forte. You can&rsquot do everything! #RETOX #wallstreettowellness #laurenimparato (at I.AM.YOU. Studio)

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