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    Brisket Burger + Bizness. #RETOX

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    BBQ #RETOX style!

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    Cod burger. Just make parties of cod or another white fish you love, salt, pepper, sesame and a diced hot pepper. Grill or broil then make the full burger. Delish.

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    Yes, you read correctly! This I.AM.YOU. burger recipe is made to fight cancer, inflammation, autoimmune diseases and boost your alkalinity, immune function, and overall health.  And, it is de-lish!  Here&rsquos how:

    -In a Cuisinart or Blender add cooked kale, cooked broccoli (both sauteed or steamed), raw baby spinach & garlic.  Alkalinty, gluconsinolates, fiber, antioxidants, omegas, isothiocyanates, and everything else good you can imagine. Blend until tiny and slightly soft/mushy.

    -In a skillet add olive oil on medium heat.  As it warms make the burger patties with your hands.  

    -Place the burgers on the pan and let cook until crisp to taste.  In the meantime top your cancer fighting condiments: avocado, tomato, onion, lettuce.  Ie: Omegas, lycopene, sulfides, alkalinity.

    -Toast a bun or bread if you like. Here I use asiago sourdough bread from a local baker.  Latest cancer studies are showing a direct link between calcium in dairy and cancer prevention, particularly that of the breast.

    -When the patties are ready, assemble, drool, and enjoy.

    Now you can eat a burger every day and literally get healthier as you do! It could even help you lose some weight and detox easily&hellip. (hint hint) 

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    Burger with a Side of&hellip. Needles, Please. 

    My grandmother LOVES hamburgers.  They are her absolute favorite food.  She can, and does, eat them for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner (and yes, before you gawk she is slim and healthy as a horse).   In fact we just ate one together for breakfast.

    You see, my grandmother has macular degeneration that now, thanks to scientific technology, is something you can stabilize and live with, but only through injections into the eyeball.  So every other week she goes to the doctor and they give her a shot, via a 4 inch long needle, directly into the eyeball.  She goes every other week for this shot, without EVER complaining, crying, or cringing.

    As I sat there in the waiting room with her today, pondering HOW she musters the pain of that needle regularly directly into her eye, she said to me with a chuckle for my naivete, &ldquoAh Lauren - it is so simple.  Your brain is more powerful than your body.&rdquo  

    I looked at her and like the punk youth that I can be said, &ldquoyeah&hellip. but&hellip&rdquo  And she cut me off to explain.

    When my grandmother gets ready to sit in that chair for the injection, she says, she brings to mind her favorite food, hamburger.  She sees it in her mind&rsquos eye, smells it, tastes it.   She tells herself that as soon as it is over, she will get to bite into her favorite treat.  She substitutes the impending pain and discomfort with thoughts of happiness and enjoyment.  She uses her BRAIN to control her body. She uses her MIND to overcome emotion and physical sensation.  In essence, she uses the hope of a juicy burger to get her through.  

    And right she is.  Your brain is absolutely more powerful than your body.  Your intangible energetic body more powerful than your gross physical body.  That&rsquos what yoga is all about - mastering your brain, your thoughts, your mind so that you can create a body, and dare I say world, you want to live in.

    My grandmother practiced this today, this yoga, by taking her mind away from the needle and to a happy burger filled place&hellip. But what about you?

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