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    Being in the present is obvious. Living in the present is the challenge.

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    There is the external gross physical body, and the internal intangible energetic body. Combined they create the one you. The link between the two? Your breath.

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    Sections of flesh create your one body just as your thoughts compiled create your one mind.

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    Is it a fork, or is it a hairbrush? What is its true name? What is its true purpose? This scene of The Little Mermaid, although made for the 8 and 9 year old that I was when I first saw it, actually poses these fundamental yoga questions that I work on and for today.

    In the Tibetan Philosophy of yoga there is a saying: There is no self nature that exists as self standing.

    Meaning? Until you see something through your eyes and then perceive it in your thoughts, it does not exist. Until you label this something in your brain, it is not truly there. Things, in fact, only exist because of you. They do not exist on their own, or from their own side.

    This is pretty powerful stuff. Think about it - if things did exist on their own, then clearly the seagull Scuttle, the Little Mermaid, Sebastian, and us, the non-Disney-created viewers, would all have the same definition for what that three pronged object is. But, because nothing exists as self standing, from its own side, something to a certain person is one, in this case a ‘dinglehoper’ made to straighten and comb hair, and to other people another, a fork, made to eat food. To some people a ‘snarfblat’ to make music, to others a pipe to smoke.

    These series of self-defined names and self-imposed labels, also known as constructs, is what makes up the entirety or the experience of our day. They are what make up the entirety of our life. As a result, it is truly us, our perceptions, natures, and minds that build the world we live in. It is not coming from ‘out there’ it is coming from inside YOU.

    If that is the case, why would you ever let your mind label something less than great? Why would you let yourself see something without the positive? Why would you let yourself build a world and life you do not want or like to be in?

    You would not. You would instead refine your labeling, adjust your point of view, fine tune your perspective, and come into the true you. And, dare I say, live happily ever after as they they always do in the movies.

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    Have you ever looked for something you have been unable to find?  Have you ever been searching but unable to pinpoint what it is you are looking for?  You know the way&hellip.you look and search, grasp and reach, and yet still come up with nothing that really is something. Or you find something, but it is not any thing.  This is essentially the crux of Tibetan Yoga philosophy. 

    Think about it all as a cloud, like the beautiful ones that were out in the NYC sky yesterday.  Clouds are made of water particles that are constantly shifting and changing, but that together from our earthly perspective appear to form something.  But when you get to them, they are translucent, and transient.

    In Tibetan Yoga Philosophies, GAKJA is the word for something that is not there, but that we think is there and are always looking for.   Like a cloud.  When we accept that we are each living, seeing, experiencing our own clouds, our own gakjas, we begin to be able to deconstruct them into what they are - moving, changing particles with our perception attached - and from there reconstruct our own reality, one in which everything is picture perfect.  

    It is up to you and you alone to pin the clouds, or take yourself to them. 


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