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    🌓YEAR 1.5🌓August 2009. I woke up to dozens of missed calls, texts & countless emails of &lsquoCONGRATS!&rsquo but I had no idea for what. Then I saw the article- 'PRINCETON GRAD QUITS MORGAN STANLEY TO TEACH YOGA. You have to remember this was 8 years ago Wellness didn&rsquot exist, nut milk was reserved for California hippies, athleisure was not a concept and yoga was a beacon for weirdos, definitely not for anyone reading or working with Bloomberg. This article remained the #1 MOST READ, SENT & SHARED for a whole month. My phone was ringing off he hook, the waiting list for my classes was a mile deep, and people began flocking to Little Italy to see what 'yoga&rsquo was all about. THANK YOU to @bloomberg for writing this, to all of you that read & shared it, and those of you who braved the sketchy elevator, chanting and yoga to help me on my way. #RETOX (at I.AM.YOU. Studio)

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