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    Beauty presents itself in a myriad of ways if you permit yourself to be open to its shades & textures. 🌹 #RETOX 🌹 (& thanks to my sis for these amazing colorful roses that are also beautiful in my b+w photography play)
    #monday #inspiration #yoga #nyc #sisters #birthday #love @sendurbanstems (at New York, New York)

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    Bday #RETOX goes out to everyone who&rsquos had my back over the past 36 years - especially my hubs who surprised me w/ flowers, parents, sis, & all of you who have sent me ❤️notes. Love you all!!! Best start to the bday. 💋 (at Míkonos)

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    Modern Family

    Tomorrow is my birthday.  I am always surprised when my birthday comes it seems as if it just happened, so much so that I still have vivid memories of many childhood birthdays.  

    When I was a kid back in Cali my mom and I would bake cupcakes and cookies the night before my birthday to take to my classmates at school, and the day of my actually birthday I got to pick anything I wanted for dinner. Believe it or not, I almost always decided on salad, and sometimes even Filet of Sole. Random, or perhaps a seed for my role as Nutritionist for I.AM.YOU. Nourishment programs now&hellip

    Regardless, no matter the meal or the coast I am on, I have always loved my birthday for one reason: the people that surround me on it.  The birthday day group used to be filled with regulars when I lived at home- mom, dad, sister, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, and a few friends.  But since 1998 when I moved to New York, London, and back to New York, things constantly change. 

    As I have grown younger/older/younger in the fair urban metropolises that I now call home, my birthday dinner group is now friends dominated, not family.  And it is not because I am no longer close with my family, in fact I am closer to them than ever.  It is simply because when you live away from where you grew up, most often your friends become a sort of family, a new, truly modern family.

    You see, whether people are blood related or not, you need others in your life to celebrate, and support you.  In sanskrit the word for this group of people is sangha.  When yoga was created thousands of years ago the sangha was one of the most important elements to the philosophy and practice. Think of it as a members only tennis club, without the fees.  Now, though, as we all have such variant interests and endless work and life demands in a world that is in constant flux, building a sangha in the old school yoga club way is not as easy, at least in any way that is meaningful. But that in no way means it should not be emphasized.

    I have begun to realize that my birthday has become a meeting of my sangha, my family in today&rsquos modern urban life.  Yes it is a celebration of being born, but also a time to celebrate the people that have surrounded and supported you in the twelve months past, a time to laugh, share, be ridiculous, be together.  A time to check in with who is real, who is good for you, who is not. A time to value the life you lead in the place you lead it.

    We do not get enough opportunities in today&rsquos world to foster family, to feed the sangha, and through it, to nourish the inner us. We run from work to home to gym to work to dinner to home and repeat, most often rarely coming up for air. But family, sangha, is what will keep that ruckus trajectory together it is the glue that binds you to you, and you to your world.

    This year my sangha birthday group is solely made up of my urban modern fam it just turned out that way.  Together we are going to celebrate life, each other, and the amazing lives we have created for ourselves and each other, in the truest of I.AM.YOU. ways. 

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