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    1st of 5 courses of Monica&rsquos epic lunch. And the salad comes after this just like I grew up with at home & they do in ūüá™ūüáł ūüáģūüáĻ. #RETOX

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    I.AM.YOU. Frittata - One Breakfast, One Pan, One week.   

    Wish you could grab something healthy, filling and that is real food as you run out of the door in the AM?  Ie not a bar, not a piece of fruit, not a juice?  This is the answer!  


    -Spread olive oil across a pan

    -Toss in any miscellaneous veggies you have around. Some ideas are: mushrooms, peas, peppers, spinach, tomato, onion, green beans, broccoli

    -Cover with a lid and let cook on medium 

    -In the meantime, whisk in a bowl 6-8 egg whites, with optional 2-3 yokes.  So that is 6-8 eggs, depending how much you want to &ldquobite&rdquo into.  All whites, or with some yoke.

    -When veggies are half done, poor the eggs in the pan

    -Cover with lid and let cook on medium until eggs are cooked all the way through

    -Put on a plate, slice into slices, cover with tinfoil and toss in the fridge

    In the morning, instead of grabbing a factory made bar or a protein less juice, grab a slice, and be ready to go the whole day.


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    Sometimes your body asks you to go back to basics.  Today mine is calling for steamed broccoli (bagillion vitamins and nutrients), some organic grilled chicken (basic animal protein for strength), and a sweet potato cake (more nutrients & fiber) with a side of homemade balsamic vinaigrette.  All made in under 12 minutes.  

    Looks oddly like what my mother would make us as kids - growing, healthy, balanced, strong kids - just like the adult I want to be.


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    How to Make one Puke More.

    You read the title correctly.  I was ill, quite ill, of the kind mentioned above, for many, many days.  Which naturally led me to bed and TV rest, two things that are in no way, shape, or form part of my daily life, let alone my vocabulary.   And as I laid there for days in front of the screen, I started to notice a very distinct pattern.  The pattern of today&rsquos advertising.  

    Without a doubt (and once I started to get cabin fever I started counting), 80% of the advertisements on day time television are for diet programs, diet foods, processed foods, or pills for invented ailments.  Translation:  80% of the advertisements on day time television are for fake solutions, fake food, even more fake food, and fake remedies to invented ailments.  

    I clearly know about the power of advertising, and know that each of the above is a billion dollar industry, but the intensity with which their products are being shoved in people&rsquos faces astounded me.  Can&rsquot a girl watch an ad for Old Spice and be done with it?

    We have created a vicious pattern, one from which it will be very difficult to break without as much dedication, effort and investment as was put into starting it.   

    You do not need frozen processed foods in packages to lose weight.  You do not need a no carb meal plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  You do need a pasty colored liquid to get your daily protein.  You do not need a neon colored liquid to replace vegetables for your kids.  You do not need an artificially flavored bar to replace your lunch. You do not need a pill to enhance your circulation.  You do definitely do not need a pill to lower your fat content.  And you absolutely do not need money to be healthy.

    What YOU DO NEED is to be conscious of what is GOING INSIDE of you.  You also need to be conscious of what is GOING ON INSIDE of you.  You need to MOVE.  You need to BREATHE.  You need to LEARN how to make it all work with your lifestyle.  And you need to BALANCE everything in a way that is REALISTIC for you so that every time a new advertisement for a new FAD (there, I said it) comes out, you don&rsquot rush to amazon or the store to go buy it, thinking it will solve all your woes. 

    Starting to look inside you will solve your woes.  Starting to remake you from the INSIDE OUT will create your ideal you.  The rest is topical - all of it.  NONE of it addresses the issues inside.  YOU can address the issues inside.  And I.AM.YOU. will be here to help you every step of the way.  All you have to do is reach out.

    Contact info@iamyoustudio.com if you have been suckered into an advertisement for any of the above or their cousins, and a ready to make a real, permanent and painless change for the better.

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