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    Don’t let anxiety get in the way today! Try this at home and sail through the day. With serene love from me to you.

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    Un-Yogi, But Very NYC... and maybe back to yogi

    I&rsquom not going to lie - I spent the majority of this morning (quite un-yogily, but QUITE New Yorkery) spazzing out in front of my computer analyzing pieces of a current project.  I was looking at all the details with a particular eye, one that was hyper sensitive to all the the miniscule, one that was only critiquing the most finite, and one that was finding fault in absolutely everything.  

    Then at the height of my spazz-out, I stood up, walked outside and realized that this eye I was using, this downward energy I was conveying, was causing me to in push everything down further than it needed to be, or actually was.  As a result, I was letting myself beat down the project, and my work to close to absolute death&hellip.. although maybe, just maybe it was not actually so bad.  

    In that breath of fresh air under today&rsquos blue sky, I realized that I had not for a second thought to look at the project from above, down.  I had not yet used an eye, or an energy, that could put the project and my work in context, a context that was more uplifting and positive.  A context that was one that I wanted revel in.

    Being busy urbanites, it can be sometimes hard to take ourselves out of our perceived miniscule details and problems, and into a larger, more grand perspective of our lives.  It can be challenging to remember that whatever the smaller annoyance or problem du jour is, it is possibly just a small glitch on a likely award winning stage that is your life.   And sometimes, a breath of sunny fresh air can help you remember that&hellip.

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