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    Have you ever felt like Mel Brooks in Spaceballs? I have. Not long ago I was commuting between London & NYC, locked out of my London apartment, putting out fires on two continents, fixing issues my publishing house created, jet lagged, over coffee-ed, under slept and &lsquoludicrously&rsquo stressed when I broke down on my friend&rsquos shoulder crying. &ldquoLauren,&rdquo he said. I looked up, last night&rsquos pre red-eye mascara streaming down my face, hoping for some words of inspiration, or at the very least a stiff drink, when he continued, &ldquoYour jeans are on backwards.&rdquo Yes, he was in fact correct - my jeans were on backwards. How I managed to do that, I do not know, but it did hit me that I had a massive Mental STD, or Stressfully Transmitted Disease, as I discussed with Dr. Oz. Stress and Anxiety put our adrenal glands into 'ludicrous speed,&rsquo as they say in Spaceballs, producing and releasing adrenaline and cortisol, and can ultimately create adrenal fatigue, something I know far too well. A healthy adrenal system is critical to a strong immune system, hence our focus on it in Week 2 of our #RETOX IMMUNE BOOST. 👊hhtp://eepurl.com/cD0JCP 👊🏻Take a look at my tips for managing adrenal fatigue in our mailing list and in my book, and let&rsquos cure our Mental STDs together. xx, Lauren

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    I don&rsquot know about you - but uncertainty feels like the norm these days. Not knowing what&rsquos next, what&rsquos around the corner, who to trust or even who - or how - to be. The other day I found myself longing for the days when things were just stable, chill, and coooool. You know - not boring and predictable - but more certain. 

     The funny thing is, I can&rsquot remember the last time I went through such a period. From a couple days after my honeymoon in 2013 until February of this year, every single Monday my husband and I were told we were moving across the Atlantic Ocean in one direction or another by the following Monday. ie Every week I did not even know where I would be living the next week. Seriously.

     The thing is, there is no such thing as an unchanging thing. Everything is always changing all of the time, much like the clouds above you now. Sometimes it looks like a rabbit, other times a donut, other times a beautiful blob. It all shifts and changes all the time, much like the you of 2 paragraphs ago is different from the you of now. 

     That said, uncertainty and change often makes us feel like we are dangling, caught between anxiety and fear until, and if, we actually know what&rsquos next. Which is why I have some simple RETOX tips for you on this video, and in the Dangling Woman Chapter of my book

    Watch the vid, take a look at the foods that can help you ground down during this period of uncertainty, and above all, say to yourself - I TRUST CHANGE.

     Trust me, the change will pass, just like the clouds in the sky. 



     PS - Here is our latest RETOX MUSIC MIX to help you rock through the change! Just pair it to one of our 28 at home yoga videos on RETOX.YOGA !

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    Sick of sitting at the desk? Wish you were on a beach? We all are, and we all do.  Let ex Wall Streeter Lauren Imparato give you realistic and DOABLE tips to get you through the work day. She sat there from 5AM -10PM for 7 years, and can help you like no other.  From yoga poses at the desk that don&rsquot make you look weird to foods from the cafeteria, to a meditation practice you can do with your eyes open when your boss is yelling at you - RETOX is the solution.

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    Beat anxiety with these postures.

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    Don’t let anxiety get in the way today! Try this at home and sail through the day. With serene love from me to you.

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