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    💥YEAR 7💥RETOX💥It happened & hit #1 !!🍾 I couldn&rsquot believe it. I poured my heart, soul blood & SO MANY TEARS into this book. Tears of being told I would never get a book deal, that once I didn&rsquot I wouldn&rsquot be able to write it, that the press wouldn&rsquot receive it well, fk ups from the publishing team, or my favorite one, when someone I worked with told me after RETOX came out that it & I are a complete failure, and thus rationalized stealing my next idea & selling it to another publishing house with another author, all because I failed. Yes, that one caused tsunamis of tears 😭 But I did it- against all odds I wrote, designed, and created my first book baby all on my own, and in 4 languages.🌎🌏🌍The writing itself of it was awesome, as was the ideation. The 2 year process w/ the publishing house was a nightmare (they had the MY NAME SPELLED WRONG & TITLE of the book wrong on Amazon until the day it came out&hellip&hellip👽and that&rsquos just the start of it). The press was a blast and the BEST PART has been YOU- your emails, social pics, hugs, notes and support for and stories of how RETOX has affected you in ways I only dreamed it would. THANK YOU GRACIAS OBRIGADO DANKE from my & my #RETOX book babies. 💋📚❤🍾💥

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    ⚡️💥#RETOX is sold out on @Amazon again! THANK YOU!!!💥⚡️Copies will be available tom again. Thank you for #RETOX ing with me! Make sure you go to retoxbook.com to get your copy & the FREE GIFTS that come with it! Yay!!!!! 💋💙💋💪🏻⚡️ (at I.AM.YOU. Studio)

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    Spending the day at a Fitness conference, hearing and learning about concepts and trends in fitness, working out, and fitness apparel.  But I have to ask, especially as a convert to and now die hard practicioner of YOGA, has anyone thought about looking INSIDE?

    The inside of you is what matters most.   On the gross, anatomical level, I mean the organs, tissues, and blood.  On the intangible, subtle body level, I am referring to your energy, mood, and thoughts.  In the Tibetan philosophy of yoga this is all referred to as your inner winds.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine and philosophies - your chi, and in Indian theories of yoga - your prana.

    You can do whatever you want, however much you want for your outside, but if you do NOTHING for your inside, and especially not even look, nothing on your outside will change.  You will not lose weight, you will not get lean, you will not feel great.  It is impossible.  

    The inside is what counts.  This is the premise of yoga, every philosophy, and dare I say, every religion out there.   Even AMAZON tells you to look inside. 

    LOOK INSIDE.  You will be surprised at what you find - the good that has been hidden, the goop you did not realize was there, and more importantly, the power you have to DO anything you want, to BE anything and anyone you want to be, truly, from the INSIDE, out. 

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