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    March is awesome. You know why? It’s DO GOOD month at I.AM.YOU.. This tradition started a few years ago when I was asked to teach at event called Escape for Good in honor of M. Ali’s 70th birthday. All of sports’ greats were there - Agassi, Graf, Tony Hawk, Mia Hamm and so many others - as much for their athletic prowess as for their charities and projects that inspire and help communities far and wide. It was such an honor to be involved, and it motivated me to make sure that we are constantly giving back, and dedicate an entire month to the focus.

    So each time you come to class this month, we will be providing you with a treat to walk out with… to give to someone else. You can pass it to a homeless person, someone on the subway, or a loved one… whoever you think may need a sweet pick me up. And like that slowly and simply do good for those around you. Neat right?

    With DoGoody Two Shoes On,

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    CELEBRITY vs IDOL:  Someone you want to meet vs Someone you want to strive to be like. 

    Agassi, for me, is an idol.  He revolutionized his game, often pushing everyone, and everything to the edge, and often over.  And from there, his game now is doing GOOD, through education for children in need across the nation.  Idol for me, especially in his understanding of black on black on black branding. 

    How about you?

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