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    8 YEARS AGO TODAY I QUIT my job on Wall Street to start #RETOX . Quitting was the scariest thing I had ever done, despite how heroic & easy blogs & movies make it look. I had been promoted & it was a big decision, One that I never, ever thought would occur to me as a life possibility, let alone one I would actually decide to do. There was just so much at risk, and even more at stake. But the idea had come, and for better or worse, possessed me. The Journey to quit, let alone the adventure since quitting, is one that I wouldn&rsquot trade for the world. JOIN ME TOMORROW TO HEAR HOW AND WHY I DID IT, and how YOU CAN TOO. Facebook live, 11.30AM EST, WEDNESDAY APRIL 19, facebook.com/retoxnow 💪🏻AND WOW how time flies. Happy Quitting Day! #RETOX .

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