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    Modern life can often make us feel like we are drowning. Drowning in stress and problems, challenges and goals. We try and try to stay afloat, try to boogie board ourselves across all the financial, familial, psychological, medical and, well ,just blegh trials of life, and but sometimes there are phases like mine of late where you just keep getting smacked down over and over again. And after a while, it’s close to impossible to know where up is, let alone how to come up for air.

    This all takes a toll on our immune system – the physical, tangible one and the emotional, intangible one. Back then I needed the lifeguards to drag me out, and my dad to give me the confidence to immediately go back in and face the next round of waves. Now I need #RETOX.

    RETOX is about giving you the strength and wisdom to find the light, the space and direction to find and take that breath, that breath you need to survive. I know it can feel like you will never find your way out when you are being tossed and mangled by the tides and waves of life, but you will. And I want to help you.

    Join me this month for a deep dive into boosting our IMMUNITY of body, mind and life. I’ll guide you through tips to help you get strong and energetic from the inside out, no matter what current you are caught in or wave you see coming your way.

    sign up & join us here: http://eepurl.com/cD0JCP

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