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    BARCELONA. You were my 1st, my 1st grand stage to test this whole #RETOX thing. Dmn was I nervous!!! I didn&rsquot sleep 1 min the night before worrying if you would like it, if I would mess up, how it would feel to stand in front of so many of you. Would I make you proud? Well since you have sent me on to stages like this for opening weekend in Ibiza, Panama, Madrid, the Cannes Film Fest, Times Square, Central Park & more. And now I&rsquom coming for you again w/ my 1st EUROPEAN RETOX ESCAPE. My city of 1st Barcelona, that&rsquos what you are! I hope to see locals w/ our day passes and everyone else booking their RETOX ESCAPE BARCELONA this weekend! Go to shop.iamyoustudio.com - get your ✈️- and let&rsquos hit his town together!!πŸ’™β˜€οΈI&rsquom going to be offline for for a few days so I hope you all book this while I&rsquom gone πŸ˜‡β˜€οΈ (at Barcelona, Spain)

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