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    Get What You Want.

    Don’t we all want that, to get what we want?  A boyfriend.  Promotion.  Holiday.  Smaller dress size.  Hour to relax.  Tighter booty.  You name it, you want it. 

    Yet what we long for can be tough to acquire… which is where I come in….

    The secret to getting what you want is connecting with who you are. 

    The I.AM.YOU. method uses yoga, nourishment, music, and mindset to connect you to yourself, and your true self to your world so that you can always get what you want. 

    The Yoga poses help you connect to your tangible body – the muscles, organs, ligaments and tendons.  Connecting with them helps you feel where you are physically on any given day as well as demonstrate what you are really capable of, which is often more than you think. 

    The Yoga Breath connects you to your intangible body -  the vast world of subtle vibes, perspectives, and moods.   Connecting with it helps you pinpoint and shift your energy and perceptions to a place you want them to be. 

    Nourishment connects you to what you need to survive, and to thrive.  Connecting with it helps refine and optimize your self fueling mechanism. 

    Music connects you to connecting itself.  It forces you to hear, and in doing so shows you how to listen. 

    Mindset connects you to the inner workings of your brain.  In doing so it connects your thinking to your thoughts, your brain to your perceptions, your perceptions to your reality, your reality to your world.  When you connect to the power of your mind, you connect with who you really are. 

    When you connect with who you really are, you know that you already have everything inside of you needed to get what you want, leaving you free to go get it, whatever it is. 

    Connect with who you are, from the inside, out, and the world is yours for the taking.  I promise.



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    Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean YOU can’t feel like summer…

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    Tips on forward folds. Hint : takes more than the hamstrings!

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    Immunity dinner. Chicken soup, cooked broccoli & homemade garlic bread. Booya!

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    Work hard repeatedly. 


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