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    #RETOX Power Breakfast:
    Sautéed spinach
    1.5 Organic eggs (2 whites + 1 yoke)
    Black pepper
    #RETOXselflove (at I.AM.YOU. Studio)

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    Rise & shine! How are you going to love yourself this week? Start by drawing yourself a heart in the mirror as you get ready for the day to remind yourself of the love you need for you. #RETOX #RETOXselflove 💙
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    For the Love of Pasta, and Self

    Italia is the #RETOX holy ground.  Pasta, pastries, coffee, pizza, shoes, purses, perma-tans &hellip and then that whole swagger they have&hellip. La Dolce Vita. They just GET it.

    My love for the Italians runs deep, and my respect for them grew further this week when I was researching the origins of Valentines.  Valentines come from the Latin root, valens, which means strong and healthy.  Not champagne and chocolate, or lingerie and roses, but strong and healthy.  Could it be more #RETOX?!

    If you are anything like me, you feel strongest and healthiest when you are fired up about something you have done, or something you have accomplished. Essentially, when you are shedding some love on and for yourself.  And when you are down in the dumps, micro-analyzing or blaming yourself for something, you feel weak in every and all ways.

    Self love is that link between strength and health, happiness and success.  It is the secret sauce to loving yourself and life, inside and out, outside and in.  Without it, you will never truly be, let alone feel, like you can, and are crushing it.  

    Join me in strength, health and self love by sharing yours with #RETOXselflove on social and let&rsquos create our own swagger. RETOX style. Si?

    Tanti Baci.

    Lauren Imparato

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    the #RETOX Lasagna:

    This lasagna is light & protein packed. The sauce, recipe below, is 80% vegetables, and I use 2 different types of cheeses instead of ricotta, bechemel and maozzarella so you can enjoy an epic lasagna without feeling heavy after.

    -Make my #RETOX Beef Ragu Sauce 
    -Take a Pyrex Oven pan and layer a thin layer of sauce on the bottom.
    -Add a layer of No-Cook Lasagna Pasta Sheets
    -Add a layer of sauce
    -Add a layer of grated parmesean and pecorino cheese
    -Add another layer of No-Cook Lasagna Pasta Sheets
    -Repeat until the top of the pan
    -‘Close’ the lasanga with a layer of sauce and AMPLE grated parmeasean and pecorino.
    -Bake in oven at 425 until the top layer is melted and crunchy
    -Let sit for 20 minutes
    -Serve and enjoy!


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    YES! Thank you @vice @vicenews for believing in #RETOX ! In Ch4 of my book I dive into how to actually eat everything you love- including burritos w/ sour cream & 🍕🍔🌮🍝🧀. Check it or schedule a Nourishment Coaching session w/ me directly (info@iamyoustudio.com) 💙💪🏻 (at I.AM.YOU. Studio)

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