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    Geronimo! By Sheppard to get us in the happy perky mood.

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    Just smile at someone today, no matter what is going on. I sweat you will feel a biochemical physiological difference. #iamyou #RETOX #RETOXbook

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    Middle Eastern Quinoa Sautee:

    Fry or scramble two organic eggs. Leave to side in a warm pan, microwave, oven or another sealed place so they stay warm. I like to sunny side up them well done to get a cool white / yoke mix.

    In a large Sautee with olive oil add 1-2 sliced bell peppers & white onion. When soft add ½ a diced carrot, ¼ cup corn, ½ cup red cabbage. When all soft, add a cup of cooked red or white quinoa. Add 2 tablespoons of sumac, my fave middle eastern spice, and optionally also 1 teaspoon of ground chili. Stir together well and cover with a lid. When quinoa has taken on color of the spices add the egg. Stir and … The best thing is… Serve warm or cold.


    #iamyou #retox
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    Have you ever thought about how you are connecting?  Not the means, ie facebook messenger vs whatsup vs the long lost art of a phone call, but rather actually connecting with the world, or yourself?

    I recently listened to a speech by the Pope who said that we can globalize and coexist as a society in one of two ways:  either that of a circle, one where everyone becomes the same, homogenous but united in the one unit.  Or that of a sphere, one held together strong lines of individuality and made stronger because we maintain who we are as individuals rather than blindly conform just to fit in to a circle.  I think he is a secret I.AM.YOU.er……

    I.AM.YOU. is a conduit to creating the sphere of you and your world.  Our toolbox of yoga, nourishment, mindset and music gives you the bandwidth and inspiration to connect to the inside and outside of you, and in doing so create the lines of fortitude that will hold together you and your sphere.

    Much like the name itself, at I.AM.YOU. I don’t want you to become a circle, blindly agreeing to what everyone around you suggests and does – whether that is eating a food or eliminating another, posing in a certain way for social media or reacting in a particular way in real life.  I.AM.YOU. is about building and maintaining all those lines that hold together the sphere of you.  It is about becoming all of you, inside and out, and connecting that true you to the rest of your world.    

    It is only then, when our individual nature is strong and connected that we become the best expression of ourselves, and best member of our world.  

    Decide today to connect actively, not blindly, as the strong individual that you are, and from there watch your world and life evolve to a whole new level.

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    Yes, Ellie, anything can happen if you perceive it.  Thank you for the reminder #iamyou #RETOX style!

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