I AM You Studio


From the streets of Beirut to the sidewalks of Manhattan, Rima floats through and above chaos. What drew her to yoga many years ago is the way people from all walks life naturally come together to practice, leaving all that normally defines them at the door and fiercely exposing themselves to all that arises on their magic carpet - the mat.

Five years into her practice, she knew that she wanted to be part of this experience not only as a student but also as a teacher, taking on the Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training and now serving as one of their senior teachers.

Music has played a defining role in Rima’s life trajectory and means of self-expression. While studying for her MBA at The Stern School of Business at NYU, she was exposed to incredible electronic grooves and deep house on the dance floor of the legendary club Twilo. Today, music resonates with and illuminates her classes, always creating a particular vibe with each thoughtfully curated playlist echoing the message she’s conveying. 

Rima's essence is the inspiration behind I.AM.YOU.'s Sweaty Sunsets, a sunday evening nurturing & musical platform that merges classic I.AM.YOU. with the Souk of Rima and every beat in between.


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