I AM You Studio


Jackie found yoga at a time in her life when she was seeking balance. As a former division 1 swimmer, she missed the structure, discipline, and routine of being an athlete but discovered the mental and physical toughness she craved through her yoga practice.

As she deepened her studies of yoga she connected with the spiritual traditions of the practice and continues to be humbled by all she still has to learn.

When not practicing yoga she works in the fashion industry, and in true I.AM.YOU. style, believes you can never own too much black. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and family, green juice and wine in equal measure, biking around the city, and will is always up for a beach trip. Jackie currently lives on the Lower East Side with her best friend Shaun. 


Yoga: Shoulder stand

Nourishment: Avocados 

Mindset: “Ask for what you want, love yourself and have fun now” - unknown

Music: Rihanna can do no wrong



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